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1705 Main St. Freeland, Whidbey.

Call for an appointment: 360-770-9471    

"Shinsan truly has healing hands. Over the past 6 years I have had numerous surgeries due to orthopedic issues, from torn tendons to bilateral knee replacements, shoulder surgeries and back surgeries. While trying to postpone the last back surgery, my GP suggested I try a Hellerwork practitioner and she suggested Shinsan. I admit, I was apprehensive at first, but quickly realized that Shinsan not only cares about his patients but has the unique gift of providing relief and reducing the pain I had lived with for so long. His knowledge of the human body, the relationship between muscular, skeletal and nervous system is exemplary and thanks to his techniques I was able to undergo my surgery in the best possible form. Recovery from a lumbar fusion was uneventful, successful and much quicker than anticipated. And I can say the same for my recovery after a recent shoulder surgery, which is so much less painful than the recovery from the same surgery on the other shoulder a few years ago. Shinsan and his approach to Hellerwork truly aid your body to move properly and easier, and the manipulation of the nervous and muscular systems have hastened the healing process. Thank you, Shinsan, and thank you for your healing touch. You do indeed have a special gift."  -Christiane K

"Any opportunity one finds to explore what healing Shinsan may offer is time well invested. The positive physical difference I experienced after a mere handful of sessions was noticeable and celebrated. After commuting to a full cycle, my overall wellness was astounding! For those who choose to explore hellerwork with an open mind, they will discover healing in all aspects of their physical, mental and emotional being. Happy Healing!!!" -Laura G

"Working with Shinsan is such a pleasure. He is gifted in the healing arts and is extremely knowledgeable. He combines body work with intuition and dialogue that unlocks tension and heals." -Heather K

"There is no way I can put this as eloquently as the other reviewers, so I will just say it plain and simple. Shinsan is amazing. I don't know what else to say, find out for yourself and let this man help you!" -Garrett K

"Due to an active lifestyle, I have seen Shinsan for various injuries over the past few years. Each time, he has gotten me back on my feet performing my best. Shinsan is by far one of the most knowledgeable therapists I have had the pleasure to work with. Not only are his treatments and techniques highly effective, but he is an excellent listener. He truly works to identify the problem, rather than applying temporary relief like other treatments I've received in the past. I would definitely recommend Shinsan to any of my family and friends!" -Amanda B

"If it weren't for your talent I would've most likely needed a hip replacement according to some ortho surgeons in my early 30's... I am now 51 and have not had to have surgery thanks for what you do." -Dane P.

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